eBay’s Darkest Corners

Last week I was contacted by Brian O’Shear on Twitter to draw my attention to a petition he had started. The most obvious place to start when banning the transportation of lion trophies seems to be the airlines/cargo ships that are still allowing the shipment worldwide and surprisingly, it hadn’t crossed my mind that online marketplaces such as eBay would be selling trophies.

A quick search of “lion trophies” on eBay returned at least 5 results within seconds accompanied by an array of harrowing images.


It truly baffles me that such a powerful animal, the King of the Jungle no less, can be reduced to a $55,000 mount for someones home and the fact that is has 17 watchers it just unbelievable to me. Brian has started a petition calling for eBay to stop selling lion trophies and you can sign it here. The site seems to be experiencing some technical problems which I’m sure will soon be resolved, so make sure you sign and share!