About Me

My name is Beth and I decided to start this blog after returning from Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge, South Africa, in February 2015.


Written by Aimee Thompson

For as long as Beth can remember, she has been an avid animal lover and so, when she turned 21 earlier this year her passion for cats specifically, led her to book the ultimate trip of a lifetime where she’d dedicate time to help care for lion cubs in the South African reserve Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge . Unaware of the atrocities that occur every day at supposed conservation parks due to the secrecy and propaganda surrounding trips like these, Beth arrived at her destination where she was faced with the harsh reality regarding the appalling, unethical treatment of these lions.

Multiple times whilst on her trip, Beth instinctively knew that what she was witnessing was nothing short of barbaric, when questioning the actions of staff at the reserve; Beth was dismissed. Not having been the first to query this behaviour, Beth undertook independent research and much to her horror, online blog posts surfaced from previous visitors just like Beth which were littered with warnings not to speak out as it could result in one’s safety being threatened.

Back home in the UK Beth was employed at a law firm, her knowledge of the legal system along with her new drive to ensure the safety and protection of life among future cubs and lions meant that Beth was ready to embark on a legal battle and be the voice for the countless lions that are exploited, mistreated and lawfully killed by the very humans that pledge to care for them.

Claws Out has been Beth’s project ever since returning from her trip, the site’s aim is to educate as well as help to improve the welfare of, and save the lives of lions. At this current moment in time, Beth’s relentless campaigning has consisted of numerous online posts, letters to Ukutula Lion Park, petitions, branded shirts and a charity night. Her tireless determination and effort has been recognised by other Lion based charities such as P.A.L, Campaign Against Canned Hunting and LionAid who now all work together as a community alongside Claws Out to make a much needed change in law.

October 2015 saw a personal change for Beth when she was hired by the head office of Dogs Trust Worldwide as International Team Assistant where she continues to care for and use her experiences to improve the quality of animals lives.