eBay’s Darkest Corners

Last week I was contacted by Brian O’Shear on Twitter to draw my attention to a petition he had started. The most obvious place to start when banning the transportation of lion trophies seems to be the airlines/cargo ships that are still allowing the shipment worldwide and surprisingly, it hadn’t crossed my mind that online marketplaces such as eBay would be selling trophies.

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Cecil the Lion

As you will all now be aware, Cecil the beautiful lion was hunted on 1 July 2015. This is a tragic loss for Zimbabwe and the whole world is in mourning – we must now ensure that Cecil’s death is used to benefit our remaining lions.


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An Evening For The Lions

On August 22nd 2015 our friends at LionAid are hosting An Evening For The Lions at St Pancras New Church, London. The event will run from 7-10pm and includes performances from some amazing musicians, along with poems and speeches from celebrities and campaigners all to raise money for LionAid’s vital work in saving Africa’s lions. Artwork will be displayed around the church including a creation by none other than Ricky Gervais!


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The Claws Are Still Out!

We’ve been a little quiet here at Claws Out recently, which has been largely due to pursuing a formal investigation with Real Gap, but as we have also been preparing this update. We were recently approached through the contact page on our blog by Sarah, a guest at Ukutula for three days in February. It later transpired that Sarah and her friend were on the same tour of Ukutula as us and after exchanging numerous emails, Sarah offered to write their experience for Claws Out.

We’d like to thank both Sarah and her friend for their support and for allowing us to publicise their review. We are astounded at the accuracy of their account and it truly has been refreshing to know we were not alone in our worries. If guests that paid to stay at Ukutula for three days managed to draw the same conclusions as volunteers who stayed for two weeks, something is clearly not right.

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