We Spent Friday the 13th at The Global March For Lions

Today we travelled to Trafalgar Square for The Global March For Lions! The turnout was great and it was so refreshing to be in the company of people so passionate about the same cause. The speeches that were given highlighted the staggering decline of this species and how the more people who are made aware of it – the more it can be prevented.

The day was a success and the march gained a lot of attention from the public, whether it was through leaflets or the chanting. We really hope the marches that took place worldwide will make a difference and canned hunting will be illegalised in South Africa.

We’ve uploaded some photos of the day so check them out here:

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Amy’s Story

Since being home we’ve been in contact with many people who have been to Ukutula or heard a lot about it.  The story below has been spreading around social media already gaining over 400 shares in just one day. Amy has recently worked on a bridal photoshoot at Ukutula which involved the lion cubs and after reading her response we really wanted to share it, so have a read!


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